Mausoleum Construction

Milne Construction was founded over 60 years ago to focus on the need for community mausolea and the needs of cemetery owners who wanted the highest quality mausoleum construction.

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Over the years, Milne has continually searched for ways to improve mausoleum construction and has developed new concrete forming methods, testing procedures to ensure against leaks, and a vandal-resistant screw for attaching the rosettes which hold the marble or granite crypt fronts in place. Milne designs and constructs only poured-in-place reinforced concrete memorial structures.

The company is composed of a stable team of experienced staff, professionals, construction managers, superintendents, and contractors. Our success and rewarding company environment results in personnel with lasting years of experience. Request a quote and a Milne representative will contact you within two business days.


  • Sam Colliander
  • Dan Dame
  • Francisco Enciso
  • Ron Gonzales
  • Larry Holley
  • Christian Loring
  • Richard Marble
  • Jon Pecoraro
  • Rajah Selliah
  • K.C. Williams

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