Memorial Project Design and Cost Study

The Milne Company has developed a Memorial Project Design and Cost Study, to provide cemeteries with information necessary to plan proposed memorial projects. The three most important questions are answered:

  • "What will our building look like?"
  • "How much income will it produce?"
  • "What will it cost?"

Along with these answers, we offer our experience of more than 50 years of design and construction of memorial structures to assist you in making the right decisions in your program.

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Preliminary Floor Plan

After discussion as to local conditions and a site inspection, a floor plan is developed to combine economical construction with saleability. Our experience in constructing thousands of crypts and working on more than 850 mausoleum projects is used to give you the most practical arrangement tailored to your needs.

Crypt Layout

Present needs and future expansion are considered so that the crypts are planned to give you the greatest amount of land utilization.

Elevations and Cross Sections

These are developed to show you what your mausoleum will look like and the cross section of the crypt area.

Outline Specifications

These list all materials and their quality, such as granites, marbles, concrete specifications, ventilation systems, etc. Samples of materials are also provided.

Construction Cost

After a design is developed and approved by you, a quantity take-off and estimate is produced. If desired, this cost figure can be bonded.

Recommended Retail Selling Prices

A schedule of recommended crypt selling prices is made to show the suggested prices at the various levels. The overall markup and return figures are also supplied to you to assist in setting up your selling program.

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